Wednesday, February 06, 2008

In which the tour commences and much nerding occurs

So, dear readers, I'm off again: to the U.S., and to GLORY!!!! Well, maybe glory, although if the Chinese kids don't get theur entry stuff together on time, our show will be decidedly un-glorious. Here's hoping!
So I talked to Katie today (although to her, it was tomorrow..ooWEEEoo) and realized that although I do enjoy the episodes, esp. the new season, I'm a bigger fan of Dr. Who than I am of Torchwood. Here's why: I think Torchwood is trying too hard. I think that it KNOWS it's supposed to be the big, bad, avant-gaurd, push-the-envelope cousin of Dr. Who, with a jazzy later time slot and older audience. Because it knows all this, I feel like the whole show takes itself a bit too seriously. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome, and Jack and his omni-sexuality is refreshing (Kate called the character "brave," and I tend to agree), but where are the episodes in which it lovingly pokes fun at itself? Clearly everyone had a good time making it, and maybe it just hasn't been around long enough to self-reference. Comments?
In other nerd news, I had a lovely in depth conversation with Oscar, my little nerd-in-the-making at circus, about the real story behind Sheppard Book in Firefly. Oscar had a conspiracy theory that Book is actually high up in not only the church, but the Alliance itself...I have to admit, I had never given the issue much thought, but now that I do, it seems to be a bit of a cop-out that Joss killed him off in the movie without ever telling us what Book's deal was. Sigh. Kate and I are having the same problem in that we have very few people with whom to 'nerd,' although I think her situation is more serious than mine because at least I have Mer and to an extent, Jen.
Whew, this is a long one. I'll try to update as I travel, but I have no idea whether we're staying in hotels or the tour bus. See you on the 19th!!

Posted by T.W // 7:06 PM

well, book is definitely up in the alliance- remember the episode when he was injued and he had to be taken to an alliance hospital- he gave them his ID card or something and they immediately put him into surgery.

I miss nerdism.
i just watched that ep, actually, with my housemates here (intent on molding them to my evil will, i am). i have a feeling he used to be some sort of alliance higher-up who did some bad stuff in the past (maybe he was involved in the crushing of the browncoats by the alliance), and he became a shepherd to repent for his past sins.

or something.

and i can see where you're coming from re: torchwood, tiff. i do also wish they would put a bit more of the behind-the-scenes fun we've seen in the declassifieds into the main episodes. they seem to have a lot of giggles while making it, but the show itself is really quite serious. but then again, perhaps this is a conscious counterpoint to doctor who as well (ie: not being so whimsical).

and tiff - i was watching that last episode of the 3rd season where the doctor gets made all old by the master and then turns young again and gets all glowy and whatnot, and i couldn't help remembering our hilarious convo when we watched that together: "could i glow? how cool would it be if i glowed?" shiny.

can you tell i'm going into nerd-withdrawal???
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