Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Saga of Tiffany and her stupidly bad luck at the border

Ok, so I'm blogging from home. Home?, you say, aren't you supposed to be on tour? you say... well, yes dear readers, I am supposed to be on tour. But being the beacon for weird that I am, things turned out to be a little more complicated that that.
It all started when everyone was asked off the bus at the U.S. border for processing. This was expected, and we were all laughing and joking as we entered the building with all the gaurds and whatnot. I was called in about 4th, and promptly sent back into the waiting room when my name couldn't be found on the petittion for working visas. 40 Min. later, it's just me, Decker, and the Chinese kids, who are being fingerprinted like criminals because that had the audacity to be from another country. A gaurd comes out and says they'll be done in half an hour, and that Decker needs to talk to me...but he doesn't say about what. Eventually Decker pulls me aside and says that somewhere between the faxed prototype of the petition and the official copy, my name was dropped and I can't get into the U.S., even as a tourist because that think I'll re-join the troupe and, heaven forbid, earn three days wages. So, I go back inside, get fully fingerprinted myself, photo taken, passport rejected and left with $180 and the promise that a cab will be called to take me back to Canadian soil...And then the bus drives away. And so I wait. for an hour and a half, I wait. The Gaurds forget all about me, and I wait, watching the clock and hours tick by, thinking that if I'm not dealt with soon, I'm not going to have a bus to catch back to toronto. So I ask for a pen, call Jen, and FINALLy get sent off in a cab with a really awesome driver who takes me across, and to a store where I can buy a ticket for the bus and wait. Except it's now 11 o'clock and the store is closing, which means that I have to sit, outside, in the freezing cold, by myself in the middle of butt F#%$ Fort Erie waiting for a bus I'm not even sure is coming.
It was not my finest hour.
At midnight, the bus pulls up, and I arrive in toronto 2 hours later. So here I am at home, because while decker was hoping to get the paperwork sorted out in time for me to plane, train, and automobile myself out to the next show, because this all happened on a Friday, there's no chance of it processing in time. BOO-URNS is all I have to say about the situation. Hopefully something good will come of all this, I just don't know what that could be just yet.
At least I'm still going to visit Mike on Wednsday.

Posted by T.W // 2:17 PM

FUCKING YANKEES!! what the hell is up with their brains? what the hell would have been the harm in letting you into the country, seriously?

oh, and how nice of decker to leave you at the border and drive off!! he should have fucking waited until your bus came, the asshat!
dude, that's so disappointing :(

the customs officials at the peace bridge are the spawn of satan.
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