Monday, March 03, 2008

check this out!!

Ok, so I'm blogging from mer's compy (or is it Jen's?) and I got this forward. It's of awesome toilets from around the world.

Still at the apartment in the booneys of toronto. It's working out ok though, can't complain when all we're paying for is heat! V. sad. The apartment puffer fish died today. I'm really mad about this as I truly enjoyed their company as I ate breakfast. I'm hoping to find an apartment or room of my own for April or May in the city, I'll see if I don't have better luck with a new batch with just me taking care of them. RIP little fishies.
Not much to report. I'm enjoying working my way through Mer's rec. list. Yay fics!!

Posted by T.W // 7:33 PM

dudette, you totally need to leave comments on the fics you read to accompany the multitude of those i left. fangirl input is required!!!

also, i really don't want to know how you ended up looking at pictures of toilets. your filthy pastimes are none of my business.
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