Saturday, March 22, 2008

Green dress of doom and random thoughts

Well, the Clover green dress of Doom is 95% finished. As a result, I treat you all to a (crappy) picture preview of its awesomness.
Happy Easter, all! It's been a good holiday so far, with one more day to go. I love sleep. Sleep is the best invention ever.

Hoping that the shows in April go off well and that the people I work with will stop being poo-faces. Oh well, I guess free training is better than a kick in the face with a frozen boot.

I am, again, hopefully, working at Starbucks starting next week or so. Yay! I love mixing things, including ridiculous blends of coffee, mocha, docha, locha, and chino. I'm also looking forward to meeting people not in the realm of circus, because as much as I love circus, it's beginning to seem like ALL I do...oh wait, it kinda is.
I miss Michael. Is he home yet? No? Sad face.
I miss Katie. Is she home yet? No? V. sad face.
I wish I had more money. The Starbucks gig should help with that.
Yay randomocity!!

Posted by T.W // 10:03 PM

awwwwwww!!! i am planning to call you when it's not so crazy early there... no worries! although i don't think we'll be on the same continent until july... sad face. good news, though, is that i should be around to go to the NY ren faire in sterling this year! WOOT!
p.s. that costume looks aaaaamazing!! i'm really depressed that i can't go to north this year - this will be the first time in SEVEN YEARS that i haven't been. super-duper sad face.
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