Saturday, March 08, 2008

nerding, T.O living, Katie, and Who

Ok, so in the order of the titles: I miss our nerding conversations. We must do this more often.
2) I'm searching for a spot to live in T.O., since I may be getting a second job (other than circus) at a bistro thingy near the school.
3) I talked to Katie. A lot. We now have devious plans to go to Cambodia and Thailand when she graduates next June. Mer, you're coming too. Shut up, yes you are.
4) I've successfully converted another person to the cult of Dr.Who. I showed Oscar, my orange-pant-wearing circus co-conspirator who I would say is a nerd in the final stages of training, the episodes where Rose goes AWOL. I was mightily pleased at his reaction, as he had to restrain himself from destroying the compy screen on which the show was playing. I may have even glimpsed a manly tear... God, those episodes are sooo sad, yet awesome.
And for Katie: "Whaaaa??!!? The face of BoooOOOEE?!!?
Poor Jack.

Posted by T.W // 8:12 PM

i love being the topic of a blog title. go me!

also - the portion at the very end for me i adored. i totally laughed wildly, causing a housemate to stick their head in and ask what was so funny. then i stopped and thought about explaining it, but the story would have gone something like this:

"okay, so there's this character on doctor who, right? and he died this one time but the doctor's companion rose absorbed the time vortex, right? and she was all god-like and stuff, and then she brought him back to life but she messed it up and brought him back forever, so now he can't die at all. and this means he's just going to keep getting older and older until he becomes this huge head in a jar called "the face of boe". and then in the show they reveal that the face of boe is actually a main character from this doctor who spinoff called torchwood but from the future, and we're all like, "WHAAAAAT???? THE FACE OF BOEEEE!?!?!?!" and it's really crazy, so every time i hear that i laugh a lot."

so i just said, "it's a fangirl thing." and he went "ah." and walked away.

but it was still funny.
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