Monday, April 07, 2008

Allow me to introduce you all to my newest additions of my fan club: 2 new fishes. A bit of a dilemma, though, only the betta has a name. the gourammy (sp.?) doesn't , as I've totally drawn a blank. The picture sucks, so I'll tell you that he's (we're going to assume it's a boy) silver/blue on his head, with red spots/strips toward his tail.
Oh, and the betta's name, you ask?
Hey, I heard that. Before you all shake your heads in disgust, I'll tell you why I think he may live up to that title: He's light orange/white, with flecks of red on the tips of his fins. Sort of like blood-spatter. And he likes to stalk things. Case in point, in the pic, he's sneaking up on the filter. I think Dexter would approve of his stealthy bloodthristyness.
So, I now need a name for my friendly little gourammy. Suggestions?

Posted by T.W // 3:29 PM


(kidding.) hmmmm.... how about christoph? that's my suggestion.

and re: your comment in my blog - HO-LY crap, i really didn't expect so much death and sadness in that episode, but at least it was pretty cathartic.

and the new who = amazing. especially right at the end. giant surprise that i nearly flipped out of my chair over.

As in David Fisher from Six Feet Under. If you're going to have on Michael C. Hall character you should have the one that came before Dexter.
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