Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I love Milkshakes. I just split one from Gregg's Ice Cream with Sabrina, a girl from circus, and it was awesome. Sweet Cream flavour (which they almost never have) with a Bailey's cheesecake chaser from Future's. It was a good night for Tiffany's taste buds, not so much for her girlish figure.
Yay for the Internet and for season 2 of Dexter. Dexter-the-fish is v. excited to watch his namesake in action.
Money sucks. Actually, it's the not having any that sucks, it's all good if you have lots. Clearly, I need a sugar daddy. Actually, scratch that, sugar daddies are creepy and rarely pretty and blond. Never mind.
Oh, and the new ep. of Who was...OK. Sorry Kate, I agree that I like Donna as a companion, but that plot was lame. (Fat aliens? Come on, people.)
I KNEW I recognized that blond hair! (All those who have seen the episode know what I mean. ) Massive Squee!!

Posted by T.W // 7:34 PM

hey, i never said the plot was good. the plots are usually lame. pigs in NY sewers, anyone? killer children's drawings? need i mention the absorb-a-loff?

i thought you'd be all over those adorable, tiny aliens. i'm sure they'll be for sale at christmas, and i was going to get you one!

and yay for internets! i love dem der interwebs.
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