Thursday, May 22, 2008

Anime North!!! Yahhhhhhh!!
V. excited, but this year is weird. The first year we haven't been in a con hotel. The first year in a decade that Katie hasn't been here to go (although if she comes to San Diego, I think that'll cancel it out.) And I have only a vague idea who is actually going and no idea on which days they are all going. Ahh well. I plan to enter my green dress of doom into the masquerade for the first time (another first) and finally Mike and I get to go to the moonlight ball. Damn him and his last min. costume for that. Why must is be Elizabethan themed? Why not burlap sack themed or something of easier construction?
I shall post pictures as I can!

Posted by T.W // 6:00 PM


i really wish i could come... and i'm mad at you guys for not staying in the con hotel! what kinda fangirls are you?? i demand a hundred thousand photos, and you holding up a cardboard standee of me in strategic places to make me feel like i got to go. i can't believe this is the first time in SEVEN YEARS i've missed an North.

and you are secretly glad that michael is wearing an elizabethan costume, because burlap is ugly and you like to dress him up like your toy.
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