Friday, May 30, 2008

mmm K, here's some pics of Anime north.... the first ones are of me in the green dress of doom, obviously. I got a really great reaction from the artist on which I based the design. There was gaping involved, it was very cute. The third one is of an awesome Ouran group; they even got the heights right!! The last one is of a bunch of fanboys who confessed to have no sewing skills, but I think they were very creative in their creation of a giant, portable pokemon which they carried around the can all day Saturday.

In other sad news, Simon the crazy orange horse of doom no longer belongs to me. He's moved on and is now living on a farm where he'll have more of a chance to hang out and be a horse for the first time in his life.
I think he'll hate it.
I think this is what's going to happen the first time it rains and he's stuck outside: "Umm, you there, small human woman-slave... I do believe it's raining. I demand you lead me inside this instant....Small human woman-slave? Did you hear me, it's raining, I say! Let me in! Right now! IN! Come back, you can't leave me like this, IT'S RAINING!!!"
So yeah, I hope he's happy, but I doubt he'll take to the situation overly soon. I'm going to miss him and his grumpy awesomness. So raise a glass and salute Simon the grumpy orange horse, My slightly crazy, needy horse who taught me how to be a better rider and how to just shake my head and hold on tight.

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