Friday, May 16, 2008

Ok, this is weird...

So, we all know about Death Note. Yes, the manga, where the super-smart Light Yagami finds a notebook and starts picking off bad people one by one all the while creating an alias, "Kira" that the police try to track down. Ok, so in Hong Kong one of their major stars, a Canadian, oddly, named Edison Chen has been ousted in hundereds of stolen photos engaging in...acts with some of the biggest famale stars in Chinese cinima. Here's where the two collide: The person posting the pics one by one is calling themselves "Kira" and is taunting the Chinese police using the alias in the same way the The Kira in Death Note has been doing in the series, all from a foreign location.
This is highly odd. It's not often that fiction and real life get all jumbly, but I like it. No word on whether the pcture-posting Kira has been caught yet.
Oh, ps. San Diego Comic Con, hells yes, but I looked into hotels and we may be s.o.l. I say we rent a cube van and sleep in it. And as I told Mer, I'm only going to have room for one pair of undies because the rest of my luggage will be costume stuff!

Posted by T.W // 8:37 PM

Dude, that's just manky.

Oh, I got a table at the nominoichi, wanna sell shit?
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