Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fan expo and big news for those who don't already know

Ok, so fan expo was super-cool. I bought many unnecessary things, including an awesome Mokona backpack. It's horrible to find things in, but is really cute. The 300 cosplay went well, mer looked boob-tastic and for me, being an in-shape female in a bakini at any con is always going to get your picture taken. Honestly, it was the easiest pair of cosplays I've ever done, what with all the draping and no actual sewing. Mer's props looked really good, I think my shield, despite being made out of a toboggan, was the best there. Sunday I wore a modified green dress of doom, with the Clover wings. People said it was really pretty, so that's good.
Mm'k, so here's the big news: so after hearing about auditions for the Universal Studio's park in Osaka, Japan, I went, got called back, interviewed, measured and may be off for an 16-month contract. I have to wait until November to find out if I'm in, but If I get it, I'll go. It's such a great oppertunity, let alone a super-cheap way to live in Japan (all expenses payed, baby!), but I worry about what it would mean for Mike and I. He's told me that if I get it, to get my ass in gear and go, but even so....Oh well, no sense worrying about something that hasn't happened yet.
So that's me. I'm venturing to Montreal this weekend to see Mike's new place/get him organized for school. yes he's gone. Again. Sigh. I keep catching myself about to phone him and ask if he wants to meet me somewhere, then I remember he's not here anymore.
Oh, last thing. I got a random phone call from a cousin of circus-Laura's. She's at Humber for design or something and wants me to put together a collection of 5-7 costumes to show in a fashion show in November. yay!! I only have to make one more, so i think I'm going to make Yuko's peacock dress from XXX-Holic. Fabricland is having a sale on the fabric I need so that works! Anyone want to model? I'm thinking: Clover green dress and White with wings, Ayane from DOA, Mike's Seishiro, Satsuki tarot version, and Tohru's school uniform, along with the XXX-Holic.

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i demand more photos!!!_!_!_!_!_!__

i saw these and got really deeeeeepressed. stupid life. stupid australia. i wanted to go to FANEXXXXXPOOOOO!O!!!!


also: good luck on your japan contract! i think you'll actually be closer to me down here if you're in japan, and we could meet up in thailand or something!

goooooood luck!
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if anyone can model - I'd like to! Your costumes are amazing, I'd step into one anytime! X3

Also, good luck for Japan! Seriously, best of luck to you! You seem to have succes where I have none (damn! how do you do it?) Out of curiosity, where did you find out about the Auditions for Osaka??? I mean, it's sorta far? Where were those auditions? O.o

I wouldn't worry about Mike. He's a great guy - he'll so stick to you! I don't think you need to worry, really. Sure Japan is far, but it makes it all the more agreeable when you get together again (my mother once had a long distance relationship with someone in Germany)

(this is from Judith / Naria, btw)
if anyone can model - I'd like to! Your costumes are amazing, I'd step into one anytime! X3

(this is from Judith / Naria, btw)
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