Saturday, August 02, 2008

various events and their subsequent reviews. Also, excessive word use.

Ok, so many things have happened since the last time I wrote anything here (sorry about that, dear blog), so here are my takes on various events and goings -on in my life and the lives of my loyal companions. Except Mer. Bloody Welsh. (Jokes!)
#1) Katie triumphantly/abundantly returns from Oz. Well, most of her returned. Alas, dear Tom was left to pine away and die while she was biking/climbing her way around the countryside. The pack is together again, and all is well with the world. Hazah!
#2) Sterling Ren. Faire version 3.0. We again drive to New York, U S of A, this time in the spacious luxury of Jenn's van. The hoop skirt's never had it so good on a road trip before as usually it's bent into some life-threatening contortion in Mer's trunk. Much fun was had by all, I particuarilly enjoyed the jaunty costumes of ourselves and others (but mainly ourselves), the increase in vendors/things to see, and the jaded knight who had saucy comments after the rainiest joust in the history of the planet. Also enjoyable, Kate's/Mer's constant snarking with the unsuspecting Ren. Faire boys/men, esp. at the coin-pounding booth where many a double entandre relating to "booty" took place. Pictures to come, I just need my scanner back.
#3) Batman Begins Again premiere: Ok, so although I fell asleep for the last third (stupid coffee house and its stupid hours), I enjoyed the movie greatly and it was awesome that we got to see it with a whole bunch of other nerds. Fave. part: the Joker enters into a mob-boss meeting after he steals A LOT from them and "makes a penicl disappear." Horrifying and Hi-larious. I do need to see it again, though, and in IMAX this time.
On the note of Batman, I heard they're already thinking about the next one. The rumor mill claims that Johnny Depp is slated to play the Riddler, while Catwoman is to be played by the formerly-awesome Angie " I'm too busy popping/adopting babies to be cool anymore" Jolie. Here's my beef with that last bit. Angelina as Catwoman is, in my opinion, too obvious. Yes she'd look super-great, but it's a role she's played, in various incarnations, 5 times before: 2 Tomb Raider movies, Girl Interrupted, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Wanted. Here's what I propose the casting agents do: Get off their asses and do a worldwide search for a smokin' hot, athletic chick who could play Selina Kyle and not need 3 months of intensive training to do it. Check out the capoeiristas in Brazil, the aerialists in Cirque Du Soleil, or the Acro-sport champs in eastern Europe. Look at the Chinese gymnasts or the slack-wire walkers in France. Find me someone new and exciting who will bring something other than Angie's patented " deliver-the-line-, look smolderingly through my eyelashes and pout/smirk" routine. Sigh. I think I'm done.
Anywhoo, It's been a busy July. Next time i blog I had so better have circus news, it's not even funny. Oh, and I'll post pics of the pirate Fest Mer and I are going to tomorrow.

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