Saturday, September 20, 2008

So I haven't posted in a while. Sorry, dear blog and all those readers who I know re waiting my next post in breathless anticipation. All 5 of you.
Yeah, so school started, and in some classes, I wonder what I've gotten myself into. I have one on the writings and philosophy of Immanuel Kant, the 18th century German thinker who uses many, many, MANY big words to express simple concepts. I imagine he did this so he could sound supa-smart when talking with his chums amongst the masses, when in fact all they were talking about was the weather. The readings are as enjoyable as hitting myself repeatedly in the face with the back end of a sweaty moose, but it fits into my time table well and it fulfills a requirement. Sigh. The other class is different in its problems. It's a fine class, only second year, but it's the first expressly Christian class I've taken and I find it a bit disturbing that it seems like it's just assumed that if you're in the class, your Christian. Now I'm not saying whether I am or I'm not, but it's weird that this would happen at a secular university. Hmm.
In other news, I found out that Tiffany's thumb + a really fat lady + gravity = a v. unhappy digit.
yeah, as I'm coaching this lady, she proceeds to drop her legs down from a knee hang and promptly bends my thumb backwards and into my hip, jamming it AND pulling the muscle that connects it to my wrist. Sad face. It's fine now, but MAN did it ever hurt.
So that's about it. Haven't heard anything about Japan, but apparently, I'm on the final consideration list. Go me!

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