Sunday, October 19, 2008

rant #2,885,936,527

So I've had better days. people can be really crappy sometimes, take, for example, random coffee-shop customer-lady. I make her drink, run out of milk when the cup's ever-so slightly less full than it should be, show her the drink, offer to steam more milk to top it off. She's in a rush, says she'll take it, and as she leaves, turns to me and snidely says 'you should really top it off, you know." Douchy-ness maximus.
And then, in the peacock, I'm studying away and seemingly nice Asian-dude is sitting next to me, sees a cubicle come free, and places a pile of papers in it in order to, i'm assuming, save the spot for his friend. Along comes vespa-riding, bra-less, man-hating chick, who promptly takes the papers, dumps them on the floor and proceeds to start studying, all to my entire table's dismay. I felt so bad for the guy, who then had to slink over and pick up his stuff. Had we been anywhere but the silent reading room, I would have belittled this girl for giving the natives a bad name.
Sigh. back to writing about Christian experience. At least it's better than Kant. Douche-bag

Posted by T.W // 3:37 PM

Awwwww *hugs* poor tiff. Cheesecake and sushi make tiff feel better?
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