Sunday, November 02, 2008


So my most favoritest day of the year has been and gone once again. I think it was a success. I requested to open the coffee shop, so I got up at 3:50am to do epic hair and make-up (which consisted of classic goth eyes and mouth, ya know, all black and red, and my "hair" was the set of hair falls that I made using many meters of yarn, barbed needles, fake hair, gimp, and weird red and black flat tape stuff. To apply hair: Tie in ponytail on top of head, twist into a tight bun, pin.
Shalack hair in place with muchos hairspray
tie ribbon with falls attached to it around bun and secure.
eat many Advil all day to dull the pain of a super tight ponytail and 23 bobby pins
I think people liked it, I got lots of compliments. Mike came back from frogtown, and wore his jaunty blue pinstriped 3-piece suit and red converse shoes and a borrowed sonic screwdriver and went as our beloved Doctor, complete with authentic Doctor hair. It was actually rather impressive. My outfit got skankier as the night went on, culminating in a slight make up tweek, and the addition of a black and red pleated skirt, fishnets, massive goth boots, zippered bustier, and my Retro G Edwardian coat along with a set of raver goggles to make a rather jaunty Steam-Punk-esque costume. I'll post pictures of us soon.
Poor Mer. She had to miss out on Halloween because of a combo of her stupid cat, her non-existent bedroom light, and plain bad luck. Long story short, there was tripping over said cat in the dark that resulted in major structural injury and mass drugging. Mike and I visited, but stupidly brought no cake. Oops, my bad.
Still waiting on the final word about japan. Sigh. There was an article in the paper today written by yet another bewildered white person reveling in the frilly world of Lolita fashion. It was cute in its ignorance. I've decided I want to go, I just don't want to LEAVE, because leaving implies teary goodbyes and messed up eye makeup. Clearly I need to learn how to teleport.

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