Sunday, November 16, 2008

So. Some random happenings in the life of Me. Had my fashion show dress rehersal. Major props to Mer and Puddles. Honestly, her back seat was full, so I would NOT have been able to get everything there by myself. V. sad that I couldn't perform at my first corporate gig of the season because poor Laura got injured. Sigh. She's better-ish now, though, so hopefully the powers that be will get us more gigs. While at Downsview stn. (the new home of the c. school) I was in the bathroom and saw the cutest/nerdiest message scrawled on the wall of the stall: "I miss you Dean Winchester" I wanted to take a picture, but didn't have a camera.
Speaking of pictures, if Japan is a no go (and i should know within the week, hopefully) my cosplay plans are thus: Prince Nuada and Princess Nuala (with me as the princess, obviously, and Mike/Mer/Oscar as Nuada, whomever's free), and, I just discovered another xxxHolic outfit I simply MUST make. One girl used 83!!!!!! yards of fabric, but I've seen others who used between 22 and 30...Observe and marvel, puny mortals, the original version, and the one I aspire to! Don't mock me, I'm awesome!

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my "gratitude" blog is formatted after the one of my fave authors- some of them are tongue-in-cheek but it is mroe just my effort to stay positive.

and i have an exam on monday from 9-11, and then i am getting my hair done, and then i am at work from 3-8:30, but after monday i am pretty much free the entire week.

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