Saturday, January 17, 2009

costumes, circus, and the love that shall not speak its name...

So, I took advantage of Fabricland's super-awesome one-day sale today and bought the fabric for my XXXholic cosplay #2 (the riding habit from the cover of issue 5. I love sales. I bought an entire bolt of fabric (all 19 yards of it) for less than 60 bucks. Go me! I have a lot of patter peices to cut out/alter before I actually make anything so actual construction won't start for a while. Here's hoping I don't light my sewing machine on fire as I finish ruffle meter 13.
So the circus school is business as usual. It's taken forever and I don't start teaching class until next month, but we're training full time again, which is painful but nice. There's a couple corporate shows at the end of the month including one that's a bit in nature. I knew this would happen. It was only so long before an act with two chicks winding around each other would be re-interpreted in the pr0n-y way. Oh well, gigs are gigs and to be honest it's been nice to be able to be creative again.
Oh, and Runaways (the Brian K. Vaughan/Joss Whedon comic about the kids of super-villains) is the coolest!!! Highly reccomended.)
Oh . another thing. Oscar from circus who many of you hve met is officially potentially the coolest person I know. He's been offered a job as a frickn' KNIGHT at Medieval Times!!! How sweet is that. If he takes the job I'm seriously considering applying to be a serving wench because how cool would that be??1!!? I think i'd be hi-larious to psych him out
Me: "you suck Oscar!"
Me: "Snicker!"

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