Saturday, January 03, 2009

Dr. Who?

So the BBC annonced who (no pun intended) will take over as the 11th doctor. All I can say is he's very young, and has tremendously bad hair. But a look at his past works shows he's got a lot under his belt (not in the slashy way, necessarily) and could work out as the Doctor quite nicely. I'm curious. The new actor's name is Matt Smith, if anyone cares, but then I've never been overly concerned with the monakers of pretty boys .

Of course I'll miss the tenth Doctor. He's my fave. thus far, after all. I'm interested to see who they'll pair up this new Doctor with as a companion. Another teenager like Rose? Adult woman like Donna? A dude? Maybe not the last one, I think the comanion will have to be female only because this new dude is so young, another dude would provide a superiority issue, I think.

In real-life news, Christmas was good, although Christmas Eve was such a disaster that my parents have vowed to leave the country next year to avoid the whole hassle, New years was fun (see facebook), and Mike has returned to Frogtown. Sad face. BUT, new circus stuff is on the horizon, which is exciting!

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