Sunday, March 08, 2009

So I saw Watchmen, and while my socks were moderatly rocked, they were not rocked totally off. It was good, but I think the hype machine got out of hand before it came out and my expectations were so high it couldn't help but not quite meet them. Oh well.
Getting ready to move out, my dad's ripping out the new condo as i type. I'm looking forward to leaving my current place, as I've had a mouse visiting me at night for the last little while. Sad face.
Katie, I can't get ahold of you, dude. I know I missed your b-day and I prostrate myself at your feet for doing so, but neither number of yours that I have works. I left a voicemail on your Vonage phone, I hope you get it.
Gearing up for Anime North, but I don't know if I'm going to have the riding habit done in time. Sigh. There's tooooo much to do!!

Posted by T.W // 7:00 PM

hey babe... i'm easy to get a hold of online, but not so much by phone anymore. i'm always on skype, gtalk, and email, but my internet phone doesn't work right now due to firewall crapola, so get skype, lol!

anyhoo, thanks for the b.d. wishes, no prostration required. and re: capoeira - in that video yeah it's a bit more kick'em mentality, but i think that's just because i filmed the portion designed to impress the audience with ass-kicking skills to get them to join. the proper rodas are much more like ours in the t-dot. it's a good school, i like it a lot.

excited about your new place, woman! i demand you put up pics on the internets for me to see~!
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