Friday, March 27, 2009

So something totally unexpected happened yesterday in what may just be the most boring class I've ever taken. Because of this fact, I was very surprised when the unexpected event actually occured. My prof, who has, until now, only droned on and on about some innane topic of his choosing vaguly relating to religious mysticism was talking about the christian understanding of demons. And he said: "Now this isn't Sam and Dean stuff, these demons were considered more in the mind and less with the pich-fork weilding."
I really didn't expect my 60-something UofT religions prof to be a fan of Supernatural, a WB show created for the 18-25 female age bracket. Huh.

Posted by T.W // 5:10 PM

That's just... awesome. Our beloved boys have become part of academia, they're so grown up! ::Sniff::
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