Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This blew me away. I love/hate Cirque and its awesome-ness; love because they basically formed the base of modern circus and therefore allowed me to have the job I have today, hate because they're so damn good at what they do it makes me barf a little.
Know what elese I hate? Kids. I'm currently teaching the march break camp at the circus school and I have to tell ya, if these kids are any indication of where the world is heading, we should all just off ourselves right now. They don't play, they don't try, they don't stick with anything, they have NO pain tolerance at all, and many of them don't seem to even want to be there. Ungreatful little things, when I was 7 and stuck at the sailing camp across the harbour, all I wanted more than anything was to go to the circus camp I could see operating. Half of the kids shouldn't even be alive. Think Mer had health issues? at age 7 two of the kids have allergies requiring multiple eppi-pens as well as asthma, One is recieving accupuncture and magnetic therapy, and two more have medic-alert bracelets on. Out of a group of only 11.
I think I actually feel sorry for them because today I made a reference to the monkey bars, and one of them asked me what those were. That clunk you just heard? That was my faith in humanity hitting the ground and shattering.

Posted by T.W // 9:08 PM

no monkey bars?! What the hell are these parents DOING with their kids?
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