Tuesday, April 21, 2009

news from the road...

So I'm on tour, and things are going well. Show's actually turned out to be pretty good, I'm surprised a bit since we sort of through together the whole storyline/character that threads the acts together literally two days before our first performance. Got a standing ovation last night. Yay us! Double hoop is always received well, web not quite as well just because it's not any of our primary apparatus. Living on a bus, even a super-sweet bus with tv's and playstations, with 12 other people is a bit of a grind, but we all managed to get out to Regina (heehee, regina!) without any death. Inter-cast drama has been kept to a minimum, which is a welcome change from last tour. The only bad thing so far is that there's a cold going around, and since different people sleep in the bunks on the bus on different nights it's hard to keep germs to ourselves. I would post pictures, but I only have my standard poverty camera which is film and not developed.
After getting to know some of the outside acts that were brought in for the show, I've decided to either go to Japan if they come a-calling or, train for another year and try out for the professional program at the Quebec city school of circus arts. They're not quite as high calibre as the national school, but they're not as...snooty either. Their auditions are held in April, so I just missed them, but I think I would have a good chance of getting in, more so than the national school since I still am unable to bend in half backward, despite my best efforts. Hopefully, there will be another tour in October sometime..that's the rumour, anyway.
Well, that's it. We're in Regina at an admittedly sweet-ass theatre for tonight, than off to Winnipeg for 3 days. I'll try to keep people posted, but interwebs are not reliable.

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