Thursday, April 23, 2009

winnipeg is not (too) boring

Hey all, reporting from the 'Peg. First show went well, everyone seemed to like it. Sad face that Ryan, one of the newby acrobats working on the teeter-board and scaffold got injured. I don't know how bad it is, we're hoping he'll be back with us from the hospital (but not performing, obviously) tomorrow. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow, and while this seems mundane, when you've been living on a bus for nearly 2 weeks, this is a luxury. Besides, I'm decidedly orange, and this will not do. I bought movies for the epic bus-ride out and they're all nerdy, and I'm proud of my ownership of them. I got a cool picture from Decker from 2 shows ago, here it is. Enjoy.

Posted by T.W // 9:45 PM

Dude, that photo is awesome-socks. Glad to hear that you're alive and well in the Peg. Hope to talk to you soon hotness, and good luck on your tour!!!!
Amazing photo!! When does the tour wrap up anyway? How much longer are you stuck on a bus for?
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