Friday, May 29, 2009

more show pics and a chance encounter

So here are a couple more pictures of mine and Laura's hoop act,from some of the shows from the tour in April/May. Also, as I was searching for these pictures, I found a random blog from a girl (I think its a girl..kind of hard to tell gender from font alone) who saw our show and liked it. Yay for us! She also seems to be a raging fan, sicne she called out a number of the more obscure songs we use in the show, stuff from .Hack/Sign and the Animatrix...Yay for fans, we're everywhere...Kinda like CSIS...


Oh, anime North was super fun, here's the only pic I've been able to find thus far of me in costume, as Yuuko from XXXHolic. Mer if you read this, e mail me pics, k? Don't make fun of me for looking wierd in the cosplay photo, I had 3 wisdom teeth out 2 days before the con (bad idea) and was a bit puffy. Sad face.

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Posted by T.W // 1:31 PM

that would explain why you don't look entirely like you then (the poufy face-ness)
Wow! It's really cool to see you blog about my blog. Actually kind of weird. Here I thought I didn't reach anyone about anything I was really saying and I find out that one of the performers in my favorite act of Cirque Sublime Adamo was reading my blog! And then you blog about me! YEAY!

So in answer to your gender obscurity over the net, I am a girl. My name is Meg and I am 25 years old.

It was also super exciting to realize that there were other people out there that were interested in the same music as me. Though my post rambled on a lot about that, so you don't need to hear that!

I cannot emphasize how happy I am that I got to tell you in some form what I thought of the performance and the music thing! It's something I always wish that I could do after performances that touch me so.

Anyway, enough with the rambling. Post In Question
WOW! I`m so glad you noticed the Yuki Kajiura songs. Tiff and I went through all the crazy-ass music on my computer to see if there was anything that would suit the show when they were designing it, and luckily a lot of the fun anime OSTs out there. Awesome!
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