Sunday, May 17, 2009

no more apathetic posts.

Ok, I'm officially through the wallowing phase, back to business, people. I just had to inform the, like, 3 people who actually read this thing about a new compy game called "plants vs. zombies." It takes place in your backyard, where you use different arrays of plants either defensively or offensively to block/stop a zombie hord from getting into your house and eating your brains. The reviewer said it was actually very addictive and plenty good fun, and I really want to get a copy. There are different varieties of zombies too, like the ones who drive the "zombonies" and are followed by legions of undead bobsleaders. Gold, pure gold.
Looking forward to Victoria Day, having people over to my new place for fireworks, punch and pie. 10 points to anyone who catches the reference.

Posted by T.W // 6:57 PM

thanks for the comment earlier, my dear. :-)

you can download a free copy of plants vs. zombies at

it's really hilarious that you mention it because one of the other tutors in my subject used it for his demonstration on video games last week. what are the freaking odds?!? (that was the week i taught mariokart, lol.)

i'm going to get a copy myself, and we can kick some zombie asssss.
you're weird and have too much time on your hands.
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