Saturday, June 06, 2009

circus lamenting...sort of

So I'm officially learning the silks act from our touring show. This is both a good and a bad thing. Good because silks is the bread and butter of the average corporate performer. It's what people want to see and it can be done badly (unfortunately) and no one would know...Evidence of this is the plethora of vids on YouTube where the performer hangs out in a footlock, straddle back-balance (a super elementary move) for, like, 12 counts of 8 and waves their arms around. Ladies, remember Sterling circus silks? Bad, bad, bad. But I digress; learning the act is a good thing because it means I'll be able to perform more. It's a bad thing because they scare the shiznit out of me. I had a bad experience years ago where I wrapped a fall wrong and it all came undone and I would have hurtled to death or paralysis if I hadn't caught hold of the silks on the way down. Go reflexes. So now I'm all mental block-y and it sucks. Yet even as I'm all wishy-washy on the subject, I'm also kinda excited about learning something new. Go figure.

Posted by T.W // 12:47 PM

You still fail at making plans.

I have no other means of getting a hold of you. So I have to leave unrelated posts on your blog.
Please don't fall to a painful, squashy death. Although I get your shoes if you die. *Knock wood!!!*
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