Sunday, August 30, 2009

Skydiving and Disney!

Hey all! So I survived Skydiving, obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be typing this...ooWWEEooo...
It was fun. Not life-changing, earth-shattering, orgasm-inducingly awesome-fantastic, but plenty of good fun. I thought I would feel a bit more charged and energized when I hit the ground, but I felt very similar to when I take swing on the flying trapeze. Oscar agreed, we both think that circus has dulled our senses or something; desensitized us to the more extreme aspects of life.
Enjoy the pics!

Disney was fun too. Good times with the family and what not. It was bit nostalgic in the bad way, though, seeing as the last time I was there I was with Mike and we were happy...All in all, though, those bits of sad-face-inducing thoughts were few and far between and the trip, the food, and the rides were great! I was bummed that Space Mountain was closed for repairs, but I guess it has been, like a million years since they built the thing. We had a great dinner in the french pavillion, with pretty waiters with cute accents serving my parents copious amounts of wine. The fireworks hadn't changed since we were ther last, but were good nonetheless.

I did find myself wishing occasionally that I had been there with some friends as well as family. It just changes the vibe of the place, and it's always really cool to show a person who has never been there before around for the first time. I'm hoping that if I get into one of the circus schools in Quebec next year that I can take one last trip with my friends to Disney. I guess we'll see!

On an unrelated note, I hve a photoshoot coming up I'm excited about, it's a homage to 1920's German cabaret and it's an ensamble piece with Make-up and hair people and everything! Hopefully it'll go well.

That's about it!

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