Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I need to live in New York...

So I picked up the latest issue of "Wizard" magazine at our beloved Snail and there were adds for the upcoming Big Apple Comic Con, where some of the guests of honor are: James Marsters, Adam West (of course), Joe Quesada, Jim Lee, Willem Dafoe, Taylor Kitsch (Gambit from W:Origins), and two unknown but massively hot (at least I think so) guys from the horrible -but- pretty Twilight movies. Sad Face. Fan Expo had, like 2 people who I was mildly curious to see, and the rest, not so much. This con gets flooded with the creme de la creme, esp. where artists are concerned, to the point where people who would have been headliners at other cons (Mike Choi, X-Force) barely get a mention.
Grrr, T.O. needs to do a better job at attracting guests.
In other news, at the back of the magazine there's an interview with artist Terry Moore, who says that once, a girl asked him to draw a picture of a girl proposing to her boyfriend while out for dinner. She then re-created the outfits, positions and restaurant setting as best she could and gave the picture to her real boyfriend (a comic fan) as an actual proposal. Genius!

Posted by T.W // 2:46 PM

i have a feeling the reason san diego and big apple comic cons are so awesome is because most of the guests live in either NYC or southern cali already. bastards.
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