Thursday, September 10, 2009

oh fandom, you'll never leave me...

I was reading this week's 'Dinosaur Comic' in the Vic newspaper and in it, the T-Rex was declairing that no matter how old and senile he becomes, he'll always be able to debate things like the diachotomy of Batman and such..I have to admit, I feel the same way. I feel like no matter where I live or what I'm doing, I'll always have comics and manga to keep me company. The debates within fandom are timeless and without end, and for this reason, my utter nerdyness will never fade! I proclaim it so!
Of course the Raptor brought up the question of, what if T-Rex couldn't talk when he's old and less green, to which T-Rex answered ' for every one question I say out loud, 10 more happen inside my head.' which is also totally true with me too.
For instance: "Who's the real mask, Bruce Wayne or Batman?' leads to further mental questions like:
-will the Batsuit ever really change design?
- I wonder what the suit is made out of?
-What would it be like to do gymnastics in PVC?
- Are they going to make a new Batman movie with a new Catwoman?
- Will bruce and Selina ever get together for good?
-What ever happened to Ras Al'Ghul's slutty daughter?
- Are they going to bring back Batman Beyond, 'cuse that show rocked!
So, as you can see, one question spurs many more, kinda like mushrooms...Or cranberry bushes in Mer's case.
Hazzah! Here's to being a nerd and the ever-loving embrace of the cosmic, comic-filled universal bosom!


Posted by T.W // 4:08 PM

Let us be cradled in her comic-book bosom for all time, amen.
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