Sunday, September 20, 2009

warning- soul searching ahead

So it was talk like a pirate day yesterday. And I didn't even freakn' notice. TLAPD used to be a big day for me; one where all my friends would dress up and have a movie-marathon while drinking disgusting-looking grog and wearing silly hats. It was, at one point, my anniversary for crap sake, although not a lot of stock was ever put in that, but it applies here so I thought I'd mention it. I guess I'm just a bit bummed that a day which had, in years past, been so much fun, went by this year and wasn't even acknowledged because none of the people who gave a damn are around/live in the same time-zone anymore. Compared to this time last year I can honestly say I feel like I've made negative progress in some areas of my life, not all, but some. While I'm closer than ever to finishing blasted school, there's absolutely nothing I plan to do with the degree I'll receive. Last year I had a guy who would care if I fell down dead, this year, not so much. At least I don't think so...It's complicated. Judging by Mike's TLAPD pics, he's off having grand ol' adventures without me and mine. (Curse you Facebook for inspiring such jealously!) Circus-wise there was the new hoop act and the promise of the show which had yet to be built, this year, there's no fall tour as far as I know and the hoop act is as done as it's ever going to get. There's some things I'm excited about, like auditioning for the Quebec schools in the new year, so I guess that's something...I can't complain too loudly, though, my new place is a decided step up from the single room I lived in last year, I just wish I had some more people to share it with.
Well, here's hoping that my upcoming b-day par-tay will be a good one, and that lots of people show up. Take that, TLAPD!

Posted by T.W // 7:50 PM

my TLAPD passed without a blip too... damn australia and its far-ness.

i feel your facebook related pain too------! hate hate hate seeing photos of guys with pretty new girls and fun. i recommend de-friending him at the moment, just temporarily. whenever i saw similar photos it would make me depressed for day and i wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it, but it really does help if you can't see it.

sending you a cross-continental HUG (with optional bum-slap).

p.s. get skype so we can talk for free whenever we want.
I forgot about TLAPD too... *sigh*

Although I would have opted out of the silly hats option.

Do what Kate suggested: de-friend Mike, at least for a little bit. It will help you get over temptations of looking at his pics, it really does help.

I deleted Tyler about four months after Jeff and I started dating. Mostly because he was being an asshole and kept on asking about my sex life. But...I'm happier not having contact with him.
Well, I thought about de-friending Mike, i really did, and while I don't check his page that often (I'm not that masochistic) if I did delete him he would totally take it the wrong way and be hurt, I just know it. Everything's cool, I was just having a mopey day, but thanks for the moral support!
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