Sunday, September 13, 2009

WTF, mate?

Ok, so courtasy of a certain Phillipino, I've spent the last 2 weeks sick as a dog. Not totally laid out on my deathbed kind of sick, but just sick enought that's it's been interfering with my life. It's very hard to hang 30 ft in the air upside down when one has a sinus infection. So I went to the doctor. The hospital, actually, since it was so late at night when I decided enough was enough (and the sudden onset on chills and the shakes made me suspect Swine flu or something equally horrible) that no other walk-in clinics were open. They got me in and out pretty fast, so that was good. Hardly any crazy people to bung up the hospital workings, I guess.
Here's the point of all this: I was reading the box that my shiny new antibiotics came in and it informed me that this one medication treats different things, these things being skin infections, upper and lower respiratory infections and....gonerrhea. Yes, you read that right. So basically if I had a rash, a sinus infection and raging case of GONERRHEA I could treat all three of them with one pill.
WTF, mate?
Edit: Upon re-reading this post, I would just like to again say that it's a sinus infection I caught, not any STD...that would require the beginning of that acronym to actually happen.

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