Saturday, October 03, 2009

duuuude! This could be dangerous.

M'kay so I stumbled across a site in which a company in the U.K can sell to me, at an only slightly inflated rate, costumes from, like, every movie ev-or! Including THE Hellboy outfit. Like, Ron Perlman's actual costume from the movie. Here's a link, but this site is awesome. If I had many thousands of dollars, I would spend them all here. I would then amass an army of dress-forms, put all the costumes I've purchased on the forms, arrange them strategically throughout my sprawling mansion, and hold conversations with them all as I went about my day. That, people, is my idea of perfection. 

Posted by T.W // 6:25 PM

And they call ME insane.

P.S. Post some pics from your steampunk birthday so I can live vicariously through you via the internet!
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