Monday, November 30, 2009

essays=death and funny campus stuff

So I'm blogging in an effort to not focus on the paper cuts on my ass resulting from the essays that are bursting out of every orifice. How you like that imagery eh? Eh? Anywhoo, I am swamped to the point where I can't even make it to the circus school until thursday which makes for a very squirley me. Sigh. It seems like everyone I know is having drama at this point...Well, not EVERYONE, but a lot of people. Maybe this is the beginning to the whole "2012" thing that those in the know say is coming, if you buy into that sort of thing. I personally hope a big change does happen. Not death and destruction, but something pretty revolutionary, like an alien encounter or finally finite proof that we have a limited ammount of time to get our climate act together before we all go 'poof' or something. Anything that would get people to remember how to interact with their fellow human beings...maybe we need to knock down all the cell towers/satalites. Hmm, that could be problematic.
In other news, because I've been spending so much time of campus, I've noticed some pretty funny stuff, like the great academic grafiti in the Vic library washroom stalls ("Margaret Atwood is a tool", "Die Haratoonian, die!") and the funny quips from various classes published in the Varsity newspaper ( Economics prof: "Who's crumpling paper?! NO CRINKLING OF PAPER, GEEZE people! I should have a spear or something and throw it right at your heart! Stake through the that...that movie everyone's excited about...the one with vampires..what's it called? moon?...Blue Moon...?") yes, campus isn't all that bad, only the stuff actually involving classes.

Posted by T.W // 12:59 PM

aahhh my beloved u of t... i miss it!!!
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