Wednesday, December 09, 2009

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So, for all of you who have experienced a road-trip either to Ohayocon or the Sterling Ren. Faire, you are aware of the epic, multi-disk soundtracks that Kate or Mer created for the ride. On Friday, I did a solo hoop performance (my first solo!) to "Don't Bother None" which I heard for the first time on one of these trips. I don't know if there was any video taken, but if there was, or pictures, I'll try to post them here. The song worked out really well, a bit short for a full act, but perfect for the thing on Friday, a party that my friend Zoe threw to celebrate the opening of her studio as a circus training space. The party itself was a bit strange, since initially I assumed it was a christmas party and when it turned out to be for her business, it was a bit weird with my boss (you all know who he is) because I borrowed the hoop from him on the pretext that it was just a performance for a friend...Anywhoo, it worked out in the end and everyone said my routine looked good. Yay me! 

Posted by T.W // 1:35 PM

HAHA that's so awesome! i like to give myself at least a little credit for your awesomeness. i really wish i could have seen the act because i love that song ever, ever so much. gotta love mai yamane's gravely voice.
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