Friday, January 29, 2010

well, what do you know?...

Right now I just discovered that UofT owns all 5 seasons of angel, the entire Buffy Omnibus, the "Those Left Behind" Serenity comic mini-series and many Joss-centric anthropology/sociology books. I'm totally in the wrong program...
In other news, I leave for tour in 2 days. Merciful Christ on a stick, where did the time go??? Doing both acts (double hoop and my new solo rope act) still leaves me very tired, but stamina is getting there. I'm excited for 2 other circus-related reasons: 1) today we'll be taping the double hoop act to send for consideration at a circus festival in Switzerland, where if we get in, it's an all-expenses paid trip to Europe! Woo hoo! I may have mentioned this festival on here before, but I'm excited all the same. Reason #2 concerns the upcoming Cirque Eloize auditions I just found out about in March. I have to get the preliminary package together when I get back and hopefully I'll then actually be invited to audition in Montreal...Cross your fingers for me!
Stay posted, as I'll be reporting from the road while on tour, hopefully with funny/silly stories as my many bendy friends travel the continent.

Posted by T.W // 10:33 AM

DUDE so excited you are going on tour! what cities are you hitting up? good god, we haven't talked in ages. now skyping in essential for catch-up purposes.
oh yeah - and did you know there's an entire field called "buffy studies"? they have their own journal called "slayage"!!

check it out:
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