Friday, January 01, 2010

what circus freaks do on vacation...

Well, this for one thing...

But also other things, like beach volleyball and much sunbathing. I got darker, but not quite to my goal of Filipino brown. Sigh. 
Cuba was good, the resort was nice, the people were really friendly, Havana was really cool; if I ever become a vampire I'm going to choose Havana was my city of choice. So nice and warm, always people out, lots of dramatic old buildings for lair-making, etc. It's like New Orleans, but more Communist-y. 
My only beef with Cuba has nothing to do with the country itself: we apparently went during fat-person week. Seriously, if I saw any more unnecessary flesh oozing over the sides of beach chairs I would have put on a sleeping mask to block said view and risked the weird tan-lines. Oh well. It was still a much warmer Christmas than I would have spent at home, so that's a bonus. Happy New Year my people, some day soon we shall gather again and cause much havoc!

Posted by T.W // 7:46 PM

wickedness. glad to hear you got to celebrate somewhere not-freezing!

at the moment i have no idea when i'll be home next. i'm planning a big trip to hong kong in june for a conference, which will most likely wipe out the funds i may have saved for a visit to canada around that time. but you know what that means?

you'll just have to come out here.

is..... is that the pig?!
haha i just noticed that too! you are accosting monokuroboo! you monster!
Yes, that is Noob, the well-traveled Monokuro Boo pig I got at Anime North.
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