Monday, February 08, 2010

final tour post...

J.F and his silly hat, which was actually quite awesome
Noob and I after the final show
Oscar and Cory with Noob after their backstage prank

Well, it's over again, tour's officially done and I'm back safe and sound, with my luggage in Toronto. This one was a lot of fun, really great people and fun memories...J.F making farting noises in the wings during the hoop act, Oscar and Cory beating up Noob off stage as I was frozen on stage with nothing I could do about it, Decker using his suitcase as a sled down the stairs at the hotel in Seattle to arrive in the lobby for our 5:30am call...good times. Some final pictures.

Posted by T.W // 5:43 PM

yeah, cory and I owned Noob!

hahaha, what a n00b!!1
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