Tuesday, February 02, 2010

news from the road #2

Here's me in our super-sweet hotel, it has two floors, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and full maid service.
Noob, Laura and Jen madly sewing ribbon on their costumes. Laura plays Jen's body double and has to wear the same costume.
The troupe at the airport in Toronto. We had to check and make sure that all our visa paperwork was in order. This time, it was.

Ok, so good news, my luggage is back, Noob is safe and so is my makeup and shoes. All is good with the world. I'm blogging from the venue's green room, which is, sadly, white. The stage looks really good, all lit up with cool hanging lights and what not. The new hand balancing guy is really cool, super chill and professional, and the other outside contracts who I've met before were in good spirits. All in all, the show's looking good, but I guess we do have yet to perform. 
Here are some preliminary pictures from the travel days.

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