Monday, February 01, 2010

news from the road...

So we all made it into the U.S. of A with little drama. Some visa inquiries but nothing out of the ordinary, although that episode where I was denied access at the boarder two years ago again came up and the whole sad story had to be retold. Sigh. I'm a giant tool of the tooliest kind, because I left my beloved black mafia-esque coat on the first flight to Vancouver. Massive sigh. I have to call air canada and file a lost article claim and hopefully after it bounces around in the back of a truck for a week or two, I'll get it back. Or so the air canada guy said. But I can't call yet, which brings us to problem number 2: My luggage got lost. I can't call air canada right now because my phone's dead and the cord in in my bag which is in Vancouver. They claim that I'll see it sometime later today, so here's hoping because it has my entire makeup kit, my fluevog boots and most important of all: Noob the pig. I'll be very upset if he gets lost. 
So I'll keep everyone posted, but now I have to go to rehearsal. 

Posted by T.W // 1:06 PM

oh noes!!!! fingers crossed for you from oz-land that everything gets back to you safely.

what's van like, with the olympics so close?
Wow, just posting a short note to say:
(1) what an interesting blog
- came across it when i was looking into the ol' comic book scene and discovered the cosplay phenom etc. (I'm now almost 30, haven't bought a comic in years but have a huge collection of 90s stuff - getting a bit nostalgic in my old age)
(2) surprisingly I (passingly) know one of yr blog friends here downunder and have said 'hi' to the other (small world huh?)
(3) look forward to future posts.

Looking to maybe getting into blogs, gencons etc myself one day when i might have a bit more time ... (massive sigh at being an adult).

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