Saturday, February 06, 2010


The view of thriving Dawson Creek from the hotel window

Hoop girls goofing off after the show
The infamous "barfly picture" Note the hole in the woman's pants. Classy.

Hi again, this time from downtown Vernon, which is a mountain town in B.C. It's quite pretty, with air so Pine-y fresh it sort of hurts to breath. Great news: Westjet lost our luggage...again. Seriously, twice in 10 days is pretty bad. I have my costumes at least, and the school's make up kit, but it's going to be a close call from when they get the luggage to the hotel and when we need to start getting ready for the 3:00 show. 
I'm sad that the tour's almost over, it feels like we've just worked out the kinks and now it's getting to be comfortable to perform. Hopefully we'll get more shows over the year, response has been positive from the people we've talked to after the show. I'm going to try to have my acts taped on my new camera tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have footage for when I get home. 
Here are some more pics for your entertainment.

Posted by T.W // 11:03 PM

LOVE the barfly pic. Sounds like good times in rural B.C.! Aren't you glad you don't live up there?
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