Monday, February 22, 2010

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Ok, so here's the funniest commercial I've ever seen. It's awesome in every way.
In other news, still waiting to hear back re. both the festival in Switzerland and my potential Cirque Eloize audition. I'll keep ya'll posted. 
In other, other news, I've started my ren. faire dress of doom #3 in honor of this year's faire schedule. Really hoping to get to the Penn. ren. faire this year, and Mer and Jen agree. This year's dress is gold, inspired by this picture from the second "Elizabeth" movie. Mine's not quite so yellow, more cream, but I do aspire to have the same huge feather head-dress!!
In even more other news, the theame for the student show at the circus school has been announced: Alice Through the Looking Glass. I think this is a) timely and b) a great theme for the show because there's so many iconic characters and images, it lends itself well to being theatrical. I'm in the show, despite not being a student, because one of the other triple trapeze girls bailed, and I think we have some good stuff...Here's hoping. Any ideas what/who each act could be?
-solo female straps
-solo male silks
-group chinese poles (I was thinking playing cards)
-triple trapeze (the caterpillar?)  
-duo static trapeze
-multiple duo hoop 
-adagio (swinging kids by their arms and legs, Oscar suggested having the kids represent the flamingo croquet sticks...)
I'll probably be in charge of costumes/make up but I would also like to have a hand in the creation of the story...We'll see what I have time for. 
For those in the know, check the other blog for more details re. student show.

Posted by T.W // 8:06 PM

And here I always thought Old Spice smelled like grandfather. Now I'm confused.

Dude, solo male silks should be the Cheshire Cat. You just need a silks artist with crazy eyes and grandiose gestures.
Best. Commercial. Ever.

"I'm on a horse"

And I vote the mad hatter and the tea party for one of the multiple person acts
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