Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wahhh!! I did it!

Mission accomplished, as I'm sure all of you who have Facebook are aware; despite impending deadlines of doom via UofT, circus teaching in the A.M. and an S. bucks shift in the P.M., I managed to see, converse with and have many a picture taken with the awesome, amazing and super-nice Doug Jones!! I told a couple of you how he related the story of his first meeting with Christopher Walken: apparently, Doug was on the set of Batman 2 and Mr. Walken wandered up to meet Danny DeVito while Doug was in costume next to him. He (Doug) was totally star-struck but managed to squeek out his name when he made eye contact with C.W. Christopher Walken, by the way, has uber scary soul-freezing eyes, or so I'm told. To his credit he always remembered Doug's name whenever they saw each other on set. Yay!
So here are some more pictures, Mr. Jones was really giving and talkative in person, there was next to no line which was awesome and we chatted for a good 10 min or so. He's not as tall as I thought, but so thin, his hips are waaay smaller than mine! He patted me on the head, at which point my squee runnith over... Anywhoo, easily the highlight of my celeb-spotting thus far, I hope he comes to Expo or something.


Posted by T.W // 9:31 PM

OMGOMGOMG that's so fucking cool! Did you do what I always do when I come face to face with a celebrity, and basically just grin stupidly and drool a little bit?? AWESOME PHOTOS!
Oh, totally. I actually was expecting him to be one of the big name, curtained-off guests, but he was just chilling out at a booth right by the front door. My exact thought process was
"Gee, I wonder how I'm going to find him? Maybe I'll just head down this aisle and OHMYGODTHEREHEIS!!!"
I couldn't stop smiling. I felt really lame, but he said I was cute. It was also the first time someone called me "little" while I was wearng heels, but compared to him, I was.
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