Monday, August 30, 2010

fan expo 2010

Hello all, so in case I didn't already post this, aerial ambition is going to be my official photoblog from now on. ANytime I go to cool events or shows/tours, I'll post the photos here, but there won't be too much introspection going on...
So Fan Expo. I'll keep it short and say that I hope next year is better organized, because they sort of dropped the ball on this year's con. I did get my beautiful Mohinder's autograph, though, and found out that he's filming on the set right next door to the circus school, which made me feel cool and stalker-ish all at once.
Cosplay-wise, I was impressed. I went as a random steampunk character, and considering I sort of put an outfit together out of stuff I already owned, I think I looked pretty cool. Freya, my dragon shoulder-puppet, made her second public appearance, and was a hit. LOTS of comic costumes, not as many anime cosplays as in the past, but they were definitely still there. Mere's Romona Flowers was a hit (no pun intended, see giant hammer) and we even found a few evil ex's to get photos with. Here are some highlights costume-wise..

Ganondarf from Zelda 64!!! I loooved that game!

Venom, obvi. This guy had made the made himself and was super scary what with all those teeth..

Posted by T.W // 7:51 PM

awesome photos! why wasn't it that well organized though?
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nice photos, they are simply awesome.
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